MAK CHEM is the specialist chemical sector of A&S International, a renowned and vastly experienced technical consultancy representing a range of machinery chemical and lubrication brands via a global network of expert distributors.


With over 30 years global experience, MAK CHEM is all about Quality Maintenance Chemicals

MAK CHEM provides premium performing chemical products for cleaning, lubrication, maintenance and improving machine performance. With over 40 years specialist knowledge and experience in maintenance chemicals and lubricants we deliver products and understanding that provide game-changing solutions for maintenance teams.

Our talented and reliable team utilise the mix of premium products and technical expertise in developing customer relationships that enable us to help our clients & distributors to achieve, and in many cases even exceed, all their key goal requirements…

  Expensive machine downtime minimised
  Prolonged service life of critical components
  Reduced maintenance & energy costs
  Approved performance in food processing equipment
  Longer periods of maintenance free time

Whilst reducing cost is understandably a key objective, MAK CHEM clients are also satisfied with the performance of our products & their ability to solve awkward maintenance issues. MAK Chem’s superior performance results produce reduced equipment down-time and lower labour costs meaning increased profits for our customers.

MAK CHEM Product Brochure has details of the full range of products, highlighting the premium quality performance they are able to deliver and indications of the sectors where they are successfully used.
Get in touch to discuss a specific maintenance issue, we’re confident we’ll be able to help and always happy to talk
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