Remove corrosion whilst adhering to strict environmental policy

Customer Profile

Facility Service Company offering cleaning solutions to industrial customers


Various industrial machinery

The equipment at a particular plant was suffering from excess amounts of rust & oxidation of metal surfaces due to the high iron content in the local water – surfaces included garage doors, vehicle chassis parts, signs etc. The previously used acid based cleaner was effective but was dangerous to use for personnel & was expensive to dispose of correctly as per the company’s strict environmental policy.


Identify a cost-effective replacement solution that would also be easy to apply & ideally would not need to be disposed of.


Products Used



MAK D-Scalex has been purchased in drums for more than 4 years now & has achieved incredible performance results. At a 17% concentration it can easily & effectively remove all corrosion on multiple surfaces but most importantly it does not need to be disposed of as it’s safe to use.

The client has so far achieved USD 56,000 worth of documented savings due to the significant reduction in hazardous waste material disposal costs.

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