Reduced consumption of cleaners and avoidance of corrosion to engines

Customer Profile

A large Czech based industrial manufacturer


Various industrial machinery

General cleaning of a wide variety of applications including engines & other industrial machinery.


Previously used industrial cleaners & degreasers had to be used at very high concentrations in order to achieve the required level of cleanliness – resulting in high costs for the client. When these products were then used at lower concentrations to wash engines, rust & oxidation developed afterwards on the ferrous surfaces – resulting in added expense for the customer of having to then remove the rust.


Products Used



Since 2014 the client has been applying approximately 10,000 litres of Mak Rex per year – however, due to its excellent cleaning ability a consumption reduction of more than 50% has resulted in significant savings.

Due to its superior corrosion protection there have also been no issues with rust & oxidation development after the cleaning of engines.

“Mak Rex has provided superior performance with a lower cost – an excellent return on investment versus the previously used cleaning products”

Maintenance Manager

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