MAK CHEM offers Specialist Chemical Products that Deliver Game Changing Performance.

A range of degreasers/cleaners for use in all types of industries including food plants (includes several NSF Registered products), plastics, cement & automotive industries, cleaning agencies, car washes etc. They offer high performance and excellent value for money.

Our preventative maintenance chemicals include MAK D-SCALEX; an effective acid based cleaner that removes all calcium/limescale deposits, concrete and cement from all acid-resistant surfaces as well as the aerosol MAK MOISTURE EXPEL that effectively protects electrical and electronic components including electric motors, wiring connectors, junction boxes etc.

Finally our specialized product range features MAK WELDING which is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable silicone-free anti-spatter liquid suitable for manual and automatic welding applications. MAK EXPERT is an aerosol product designed for removing old and unwanted paint/graffiti on non-absorbent materials.

MAK CHEM Product Brochure has details of the full range of products, highlighting the premium quality performance they are able to deliver and indications of the sectors where they are successfully used.
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