Removal of heavy carbon
deposits avoids replacing piston heads

Customer Profile

A large industrial manufacturer for the construction sector in the Czech Republic.


Aluminium piston heads

Cleaning Tables – MAK MAX is used in them to clean aluminium piston heads and since 2016 the client has been using 10,000 litres per year.


Previously the aluminium piston heads were heavily contaminated with old grease & carbon deposits – this contamination was very tough to remove and often meant that the client could not re-use these piston heads but instead had to invest in replacing them with new product at great expense.


The local MAK-Chem distributor recommended MAK MAX, Heavy Duty Degreaser (NSF A1) – MC919 for its high performance and long life.

Products Used



MAK MAX is used in the cleaning tables with manual cleaning at a concentration of 40% at 158°F (70°C).

The piston heads exited the wash with the carbon entirely removed and the aluminium brightened. They are then suitable for continued use in the remanufactured engines removing the requirement for the purchase of more expensive new pistons. The client has therefore documented savings of more than USD 200,000.

“MAK MAX delivered very impressive results and offered us a solution we previously did not believe was possible.”

Maintenance Manager

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